About Bob Bergman

Bob in the BITD Las Vegas to Reno race.

The History of Bob....

In 1982, I learned to ride a motorcycle. During that year I saw pictures of roadracing in a magizine and decided that I'd like to try it. The next spring I took a RACE school and by the end of the season I was starting to finish in the top 10 in 550 production class. In '84 I finished 3rd in 750 production class and 7th in Amateur 1000cc Superbike on a production GPz 750. The following year I turned Pro and entered the Pro Superbike class were I finished 7th in the championship after missing a few races due to injury. I also entered a few AMA Pro Superbike races were I once finished just outside the top 10. Again in 1986, I ran the entire RACE Superbike calendar and a few select AMA events, including the Daytona 200.

The following year I worked as a mechanic for Rueben McMurters RACE Championship winning team, which also included a 4th place finish in the Daytona 200 and a trip to England to run some World Superbike races.

After retiring from road racing I took up the sport of competitive rock climbing where in 1994 I became the Canadian National Champion and was ranked sixth overall in the U.S.A. With my wife I also started a business during this time, Joe Rockhead's Climbing Gym, which is the leader in the industry.

A few years ago I went back to motorcycle racing, this time trying my hand at Enduro racing. In my first year while coming to grips with the techniques of off road riding I still managed to finish 3rd in the Novice class. The following year I narrowly missed winning the class outright and again last season I finished 2nd in the Intermediate class. This year I'm in Expert class and although I'm concentrating on "Dakar" style training I'm still doing a few Enduros and just recently finished 9th in class at an AMA National Enduro.

At the same time I have been absorbed by motorcycle travel. I have toured Ghana on a 125cc Jai-ling, covered southern India on a Royal Enfield and recently, on my KTM Adventure, I traveled over 13,000 km's to circum-navigate the Sahara Desert.


Bob Bergman,former Canadian Sport Climbing Champion, turned his agility and winning determination to off road racing many years ago. A regular Canadian Hare Scramble and Enduro competitor, Bob has travelled the world extensively on bikes to extreme locations and brutal races.

Just recently, Bob toured Northern African with his wife two up on a KTM LC4 Adventure for a first hand look at the formidable terrain.  Bob has also been racing in the Nevada dessert and has been competing in the Best In The Desert series and including the Las Vegas to Reno and the upcoming Las Vegas 200.

Bobís funky getup for 2005 Dakar. He will be easy to spot on the TV!

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