Dakar 2005

2004 = 12,000km
2005 = 9,039km

The final route has been posted, the organisers are promising a seriously crushing dakar experience, shorter, tougher and way more intense.

For all Dakar 2005 route info go here:

After three years during which the event started off in France, the competitors taking part in the rally will this year launch their bids for sporting immortality from Barcelona, at the heart of Catalonia! Thus for the fourth time in its history after the starts in Granada in 1995, 1996 and 1999, the Dakar will begin in Spain.

Morocco, Mauritania, Mali & Senegal are next and we all know what happens!

The Dakar rally will feature all the ingredients and challenges of previous years, testing competitors to the limit and bringing out their human qualities, not to mention the sporting excellence of the race's leaders. Although as dense as usual, the course will be shorter this time, particularly for assistance vehicles whose itinerary will be cut by 45%.

Red Bull KTM prepares to launch a second factory-backed effort aimed at bringing home the win.

The biggest change is the 450cc twin-cylinder engine size limit for motorcycles, with the single-cylinder limit at 750cc. KTM, no longer able to compete aboard the 950, is hard at work building a 660cc single-cylinder Dakar bike. Another big change in 2005 is limited GPS points, with some stages allowing absolutely no GPS navigation at all. Riders will be forced to navigate using road books, compasses, and cairns—piles of rocks used by nomadic tribes to mark desert trails. Other changes include a speed limit when passing through African communities, and 45% less assistance trucks to follow competitors.


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