Bob Bergman will compete in the infamous Paris to Dakar 2005 Rally!

Dakar News!

The Bike

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Dec 31st the mayhem starts!
16 Stages!
9,039 Km
The Final Route!

Rebuilding his bike and getting damn right personal with every nut, see the progress.

Dec 26th, 2004 Bob flyís to Spain!

Special Thanks to Bobís Sponsorís! Cheers!

Bob Bergman, Canadian National Sport Climbing Champion, avid road racer, Hare Scramble and Enduro winner and ODSC club member has saved just enough pennies to get him self to Dakar and we could not be happier!

Bob started this journey a long time ago and like all that ĎDreamí has been a massive fan and curious adventurer of the Northern African race for many years.

Welcome to Bobís Dakar 2005 site where we will share with you Bobís preparation tactics, desert racing progress and ultimate Dakar scoring results direct from Africa.

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